From our headquarters in Barcelona, we create and produce unique advertising formats. With our exclusive patented technology, 3D SIGNS (3D carpets) converts conventional printed advertising, in 2 dimensions, into spectacular ads in 3 dimensions. We produce advertising media that provides great impact, better reading and greater brand recognition.

The 3D SIGNS (3D carpets) advertising allows you to place any brand at the center of the action, in the midst of the best moves during the most exciting moments of any competition without posing a risk for athletes. We place the logos of the brands in the goal post, under the backboard, at the center of the track or at the arrival to the goal. Where everything happens and where everyone is looking. And also with extra presence in all the summaries of sports and generalist programs.

From invisible to relevant in a few square meters


Through our patented distortion system, we convert conventional impressions into vertical images when they appear on television. Our technology improves the impact and notoriety of the ads, turning advertising into relevant pieces for the millions of followers who enjoy sports from a distance, from televisions, computers, mobile phones and tablets. 

The 3D SIGNS (3D carpets) supports allow brands to be part of the show without posing a risk to the participants. We place your brand on the front line, next to the pitch, with a spectacular format and throughout the game.


More than 20 years of experience and a team of multidisciplinary professionals guarantee the trajectory of our entire team.

Miquel de los Aires

Production and Logistics

Xavier Palmerola

International Sales

Carsten Charming

International Sales

Xavi de los Aires

Graphic Design and Production

Jordi de los Aires

Software Developer and Operations

Mireia Palmerola


Peter Clausen

International Sales