On what surfaces can I use 3D SIGNS advertising signs?

3D SIGNS (3D carpets) can be used at almost all types of sporting events. We can produce on a variety of different materials which make us capable of delivering to almost all events.

On what materials are the 3D SIGNS advertising signs produced?

Each 3D SIGNS (3D carpets) can be produced on different surfaces like carpet, used mainly for football, field hockey and cricket. We also produce on anti-slip stickers which can be used for almost all indoor sports, regardless of whether the stickers are placed inside or outside the playing are. Finally, we can produce by painting directly on the surface. This is very suitable for events like rugby, cricket, motorsports, etc.

How are the 3D SIGNS advertising signs produced?

Each 3D SIGNS (3D carpets) is created using a large-format printer where the combination of the printer settings and the carpet material provides high quality signage which has a long durability and provides a perfect image when seen on TV.

Can the same 3D SIGNS be used in multiple events?

The short answer is no. However, there are very few exceptions in cases where the physical dimensions of the stadiums are identical. But that almost never happens. Each 3D SIGNS is unique and specifically calculated, produced precisely for the position where it is being placed. Our state of the art survey and calculation program provides an accurate and unique 3D Signage which lives up to our clients expectations.

In which sports can I use the 3D SIGNS advertising signs?

You can use 3D SIGNS (3D carpets) in almost all types of broadcasted sports events and venues in which there is at least a main camera in a fixed position. Every 3D SIGNS is calculated for one camera position which is typically the ¨master¨ camera. This means that each 3D SIGNS ad is unique and only valid for the position for which it has been calculated.

What distinguishes the 3D SIGNS format from other conventional advertising signage?

The single and most important difference between 3D SIGNS and any other in stadia advertising is that a 3D SIGNS can be placed in a position where no other physical signage can be placed due to technical regulations of the competition.

In what countries are the 3D SIGNS advertising signs distributed?

3D SIGNS (3D carpets) are a recognized sport advertising tool which is used in a variety of sports around the world. Today 3D SIGNS are used in over 10 different sports in more than 60 countries.

How can I acquire 3D SIGNS advertising signs?

Getting your own 3D SIGNS (3D carpets) is very easy. Simply contact us through the web form below and our experienced team will assist you and inform you. We will provide you with different simulations to preview how your logo will be implemented. And only when you are satisfied with the proposed result will we start production.

Can the 3D SIGNS advertising signs show moving images?

No, a 3D SIGNS (3D carpets) is a static image placed in a key location. However, being just next to the goals or on the field of play will catch the television viewers’ attention and provide lots of exposure for the sponsor.

What if my event is not broadcast on television? Can I use the 3D SIGNS advertising signs?

You can, but as the product is designed for TV it doesn’t make much sense to purchase a 3D SIGNS ad for an event that won’t be broadcast. The people in the stands will experience the 3D SIGNS differently than when viewed on television. The simple reason behind this is that each 3D SIGNS is calculated specifically for the main camera and will stand out perfectly on the pitch when viewed on television.

Are the 3D SIGNS advertising signs patented?

Yes, the 3D SIGNS technology is patented in more than 50 countries worldwide. This means that in order to use the product you need to purchase it from either our partners or directly from us. But the product is available in any country so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions so that we can direct you to the right person.

How much attention and exposure do I get using a 3D SIGNS?

Surveys and studies have proven that you get up to three times more exposure using a 3D SIGNS (3D carpets) than conventional signage.

How much exposure do I get using 3D SIGNS as compared to LED?

When you are using LED advertising you are being exposed in segments of typically 60 second which you must divide between 8, 10 and even as many as 16 different sponsors. This means that throughout a 90 minute football match you are displayed on the boards between a maximum of 11 minutes and as little as 6 minutes in total. Likewise, it is important to note that in highlight clips you are not guaranteed any exposure at all. If you use a 3D SIGNS placed beside the goal you will be in the heart of the action and your exposure throughout a live match will be significantly higher than on LED boards. And more importantly, your exposure during highlights will be predominant as the vast majority of highlights show the goal area.