South Korea


We produce 3D SIGNS to offer a better performance for your advertising Investment. Each arena, stadium or sports venue requires a custom-made project. We take care of measuring, calculating, designing and treating the images in order to get the exact distortion that will give your advertising messages the vertical visual effect when seen on television. We provide total service in the management and production of our signs. From reception of the logos to the placement of the signs, the project is always in good hands.

Original Artwork

We create a specific file for each message and each space. They are the key part of the process, the value of our patent.


Our suppliers or our customers’ suppliers produce the ideal signs for each surface.


We go in place or send the detailed installation guidelines to ensure a proper placement of the signs.


With the help of the venue technicians, we verify if the 3D SIGNS is correctly showing your advertisement.

Original Artwork

Using measurement software of our own, we are able to analyze the sports venue, the overall dimensions and the precise distance between the master camera and the field of play. With this information, we can calculate and apply the exact distortion of the image provided to us by the client.
We provide you a 3D Mock-Up to show you how your logo will appear on TV. We produce exclusive originals for your brand or message to be seen in a specific space. We apply our patented optical treatment to guarantee a successful outcome.

Local Or Remote Production

We have a wonderful team of professionals in Barcelona that create the final artwork.
Our suppliers are able to produce hundreds of square meters daily and print the files on pavement when necessary. We also have other production centers in Europe, America and Asia.
In cases where clients request to work with their suppliers, we collaborate side by side with them to ensure the best results.


If necessary, we place the supports in the field of play or provide the instructions so that the technicians in charge can locate them correctly. We can also take care of the maintenance of the supports and the withdrawal of them.


We carry out meticulous quality controls in each and every one of our processes. We make sure the 3D SIGNS have been correctly placed and we follow up on the advertising impact.
Furthermore, world renown companies such as Repucom, Mediaplanning, Sofres or Kantar Media regularly perform impact, recall and awareness studies of the messages that use our technology.
That is our way of working and the reason we can reach such high standards of quality, which in turn, consolidate the value of our patent.